6000 acre Ranch in Menard County.
1 Mature Whitetail Trophy, 1 Cull Buck,2 Does includes meals, guides and lodging. $3000.00 per man
$300.00 to add a spouse or child and they may shoot off of your package - kids under 16

Management Hunt
1 Management Buck 8 point, 1 Cull Buck, 2 does, includes meals, guides and lodging. 3 day hunt. $2350.00. per man
$300.00 to add a spouse or child, they may shoot off your package, kids 16 and under



    Exotic Doe Meat Hunts Fallow, Sika and Axis Does $400.00 each
    Ram Hunts Corsican, Mouflon, Ibex, Four Horn, Painted Desert, Merino, Catalina, Angora, Black Hawaiian $250.00 Each

    Ram/Hog Hunt Combo Stands and feeders provided or you can spot and stalk -- $500.00.

    Meals and lodging can be provided for $95.00 per person a day.

Quebec Canada Moose Hunts

Moose Hunts $4,000.00
* 7 day 6 night hunt
* license and taxes included
* Guaranteed to see a moose or hunter only pays $350
* unlimited fishing includes boat, license and gas
* guide field dresses, packs and skins your trophy
* all hunts spot and stalk
* one non-hunting guest welcome for free, others $100.00 per day
* meals and lodging included
* filming of hunt welcomed
* bow and gun seasons